Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

A social bookmarking sites service is a systemized online service which allows the users to annotate, add, edit, and share bookmarks of documents on web. These sites are a user defined system for bookmarks. Social Bookmarking sites are a kind of web history classification and the bookmarks are mentioned as tags. Social Bookmarking sites are just like storing bookmarks in a folder on your system, the pages that are been tagged get stored on to the Webpage and they are accessible from any computer. The Web sites which are devoted to social bookmarking provides users with a space to store, annotate, categorize and share their favourite files and Web pages. Here’s how the social bookmarking sites process takes place, once you’ve got yourself registered, you can get your toolbar installed with buttons. If you are visiting a Web page that you like to save, you click a button named “tag”.A window will be popping up with the URL, page name and optional fields for you to add notes and tags. Tags are single-worded captions. So, this is how social bookmarking sites gather content so that you and other users can identify it.

The other button on your social bookmarking site directs the user straight to a page with your associated tags and saved bookmarks. If you click on any one of the tags you have saved or created, then you will go to a page that will be on listing, i.e your saved pages which associate with the tags.You can also have a view of all users’ content which is associated with that tag. The social bookmarking sites inbox feature will let you get subscribed to the content saved with a specific tag or content saved by a particular user or a sequence of the two.

When a tag is clicked or searched for a term from social bookmarking sites the results will contain information about how many members had saved specific items and the number of tags that they had included in it for that specific social bookmarking site.For an individual user, social bookmarking sites can be a tool to access a set of bookmarks from numerous computers, can organize huge numbers of bookmarks, and share bookmarks with contacts. Institutions like business, universities and libraries have used social bookmarking sites as a tool to gain information from members. Social bookmarking sites have been also in use to increase the number searches in a web.

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How social bookmarking sites help to achieve the website Ranking?

Social bookmarking site is an online service which enables the users to store, search, organize and manage bookmarks of web pages. Social bookmarking Sites have been around for over a decade. Social bookmarking sites can prove to be an effective method for getting your blog content seen and shared. These bookmarks are generally public, and can be viewed by other members of the site. This technology also provides knowledge sharing solutions and a common platform for interactions and discussions. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to other user with relevant tastes and drive traffic. Social bookmarking sites is also interchangeably sometimes referred to as collaborative tagging, folksonomy, Social indexing and Social tagging.

Most of the Social bookmarking sites are organized by users just by applying keywords or tags to content on a Website. So that the other users can view bookmarks that are correlated with a chosen tag and view information about the number of users who have bookmarked them. In most of the cases, users can also vote and comment on bookmarked items.

Social bookmarking sites are also emerging as an educational technology that has been drawing more attention over the last years. Some Social bookmarking sites passes on link juice, while some use NoFollow attribute. This allows search engines not to follow the link, and so you won’t receive any benefit from the additional links.

Being indexed on a Social bookmarking sites can drive quality traffic. Website like represent the scope to get a lot of new traffic to your website. People who visit your site from a Social bookmarking sites are generally there, As your Website appeared in a topics which they were interested.

Being featured on one Social bookmarking site can often lead to tagging your site by the user on other bookmarking sites. If you are lucky they may find you through one particular site and bookmark you on another site, which is a tremendous opportunity for the promotion of web site. Adding links of Social bookmarking to your blog makes it easy for user to save and share your content, and therefore help others to find it.

So, there is great advantage to encourage people to bookmark your Blog or Web site. The kind of traffic you will receive will be targeted and engaged in the content on your website, so Social bookmarking site acts as a great tool in your website promotion strategy.